Project IV4E – Improving Vocational Education in Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Year: 2002
Funding: Leonardo Da Vinci

The project aims to develop an internationally recognised ISCED level 4 modular course in Electrical Engineering and Electronics for delivery via interactive learning tools. Partners from Member States and candidate countries will collaborate in designing learner-centred learning tools (eight modules) meeting recognised learning standards.

These modules will be tested with pilot groups of individual students in Latvia, with the assistance of will be tested with pilot groups of individual students in Latvia, with the assistance of specially trained tutors. Ongoing quality control and evaluation by partners will help refine the modules before end production of a CD-Rom and on-line support forum is created for each of them.
Modules will be translated from EN into IT, NL, EE and LT. In the course of implementation, both publications and workshops will widen dialogue with universities and individual
companies and a project website will track progress and make demonstration versions of the modules available in all partner languages.

Promotion of the end products will target enterprises as well as designers and managers of training programmes since the course is believed to be potentially adaptable to lifelong learning and to postgraduate programmes.

Following partners took part in the project realisation:

Riga Technical University, LATVIA, Coordinating organization
Politecnico di Torino, ITALY
E&L Instruments Ltd, UNITED KINGDOM
Tallinn Technical College, LITHUANIA
Centre of Professional Education, LATVIA
Latvian Transport Development and Education Association, LATVIA
Latvian Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association, LATVIA