SPSS Modeller training


Starting from October 16th, every Monday for a period of five weeks, a training course for using IBM SPSS Modeller took place at Faculty of E-Learning Technologies and Humanities. SPSS Modeller is an application that provides prediction analytics using data models to improve decision-making. The trainings were attended by RTU DESC researchers, and thanks to the streaming capabilities, scientists from the University of Liepaja were also joining remotely.


Day 1

  • Introduction to SPSS Modeller basic tools for processing data files.
  • SPSS Modeller features and their use for data flow processing
  • Big Data
    • The concept of big data
    • Big data processing capabilities

Day 2

  • Practical work with SPSS Modeller
    • Data analysis
    • Data processing for creating logic models
    • Basic formation for further analytical steps (for forecasting, cluster building, etc.)

Day 3

  • Working with pre-generated data in various formats
    • Data cleaning
    • Use of modeling algorithms and training
    • Pattern recognition and prediction

Day 4

  • Segmentation
  • Cluster analysis
  • Classification

Day 5

  • Additional consultation for individual projects and questions