LITES Project

Riga Technical University Distance Education Study Centre is participating in project LITES.

The project solution delivers an intelligent public street lighting service using solid-state lights LED in order to reduce energy consumption. Manufacturing the LED technology and the embedded intelligence, it is significant energy saving potential up to 70 %.

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The core element of the solution is the dimming of the lamp depending on the environment; a set of embedded sensors measures ambient light, temperature, current, and detect motion. Output data of sensors is then processed by the embedded intelligence allowing optimum regulation of light levels.

The true innovation of the project is the embedded intelligent control of the dimming of light to ensure a significant drop down of the energy consumption while fully respecting the European standards of security ruling the category of public places that we will light.

There will be 4 piloted sites implemented with street lighting using energy efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LED) and optimizing all efficiency factors to generate a significant energy saving.

The efficient energy saving solution will be tested in real life and validated during one year. A network with a number of luminaires between 30 and 50 would be installed for each pilot.

The project “LITES” aims at the implementation of piloted sites of street lighting using energy efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LED) and optimizing all efficiency factors to see more with less light and thus generating a significant energy saving. This project and its objectives are fully compliant with the Action Plan adopted by the Commission in 2006 as a reference for Community policy in energy consumption and aiming at achieving a 20% reduction in energy consumption by 2020.

Basically, this project aims at delivering a street lighting service compliant with road classes CE2- CE5, S- and A- according to the standard of EN13201. That means that our devices can be installed in secondary street, access road, commercial access, allotment, pedestrian way, cycle track, residential areas. It is compliant with EN 60598-1 and EN 60598-3 electric standards for luminaries general requirements and tests as well. Power LEDs will be used as sources of light.

Traditionally, discharge or fluorescent lamps are used for this lighting. Solid State Lighting (SSL) technology is now getting competitive compared to other sources. If they are still less powerful compared to the other sources, they have several advantages, among others the quality of light, the durability, the hardiness. In the existing technologies of street lighting, the LEDs are limited to the lighting called residential where it requires less power. Even in this type of application, LEDs can be one of the best solutions if their use is optimized to reduce energy consumption.